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How to plan family outfits for your sunflower session

Your style and personality are important, and you should feel comfortable in what you wear. I've put together a few simple tips and tricks outlining how to coordinate your family outfits. This is just a starting point – but the results will make your photos look cohesive and well planned out!

What you wear for photographs can really change the outcome of the photos. Taking the location into consideration is always important. For your upcoming session at the sunflower farm, we'll be using the beautiful flowers as our backdrop! The location is full of greenery and vibrant sunflowers. Selecting the right colour of clothes is key here to have you and your family stand out amongst the scenery. Read below for a few helpful tips!

*Please note the following images are not mine and are pulled from Pinterest for inspiration only.



I always recommend starting your outfit planning with a statement piece!

This could be done by incorporating a patterned dress, a plaid shirt, or another patterned piece of clothing.



Now that you have your statement piece, start pulling colours (usually neutrals, or muted colours) from this item for the rest of the family.



One of my biggest recommendations is to not perfectly match or dress family members in the same articles of clothing (ie. white t-shirts with jeans). I know it's tempting and easier to shop for, but it often makes everyone blend in and lacks personality.

Colour palettes to consider

  • neutrals (khaki, beiges, whites)

  • solid colours (adding a pop of colour like blue or yellow will really stand out amongst the fields)

  • colours to consider – white, blue (both light and dark), yellow, burnt orange or rust

What to avoid:

  • large/dominant prints

  • logos or large text

  • neons (often casts colour onto skin)

  • solid black (can lack dimension)

  • unseasonable attire 

Textures and layers, oh my!

Here's another tip! Subtle accents on clothing such as ruffles or buttons help add texture and interest. Layering clothing also help achieve this (like Dad wearing an open button down shirt with a t-shirt underneath) – and don't forget about accessories! Headbands, bows and hats can all bring a personal touch to your session.

family of three in a sunflower field smiling

Stuck on choosing your outfits? Here's a few style guides I've put together using items recently sourced from H&M, Old Navy and Gap. Whatever you decide on, I'm sure you'll look great!

Sunflower-Outfits 1.jpg
Sunflower-Outfits 2.jpg
Sunflower-Outfits 3.jpg

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to outfit inspo!

But – I've already done most of the work for you by putting together a board full of outfit inspiration for you! Check out my Summer Style Guide on Pinterest for some easy to follow looks!

I'm also available to provide suggestions, or to review what you've put together. Just send me an email or message!

One year old boy sitting in dad's lap, smiling at the camera

My approach

My style leans more towards candid photography, with a lifestyle approach. I want to capture the in-the-moment smiles, smirks, and yes, the curled lip before the tears – all the moods and personalities. I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and as though I'm just tagging along for an adventure.

I'll ensure your family session has a natural flow that allows you to interact with one another in a casual way. We'll be sure to get natural candid shots, as well as some gently posed ones throughout your session.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to connect before your session –

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